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  • karjunkie 06/08/10 7:54 am PST

    Does it click when the engine is on and idling but you are not moving. If so does the clicking increase in speed if you rev the engine? If not and it only clicks when moving, does the clicking increase and decrease in speed as you accelerate and decrease as you decelerate?

  • heidismom 06/08/10 9:13 am PST

    It does not click while idle, only when the vehicle is moving. The noise does not seem
    to change in volume, but it seems to increase in timing the more I drive.

  • heidismom 06/08/10 9:20 am PST

    Clarifying above..the clicking does not increase with speed, just increases the more I drive

  • karjunkie 06/08/10 9:57 am PST

    OK, well that eliminates noises from the engine such as sticking valve lifters and focuses us in the suspension components and drive train. I don't think it is a wheel bearing as the noise would go up and down depending on speed. My main candidate for inspection would be the constant velocity joints. These transmit the power from the engine to the front wheels and eventually can wear out. The first thing to check are the accordion shaped rubber boots that cover the CV joint and prevent contamination from dirt. If you look under the front of the car, you should easily see these boots attached to shafts that run from the engine transaxle to the front wheels and you can check to see if they are torn or cracked by squeezing them or if they are bulging which would indicate a loss of the grease from the CV joint leading to premature wear. Another way to check the CV joints is to go to an open parking lot or other large open area. Then lock the steering wheel in one direction and put the car in reverse. Now drive backwards in a circle and see if the clicking noise increases. If so, it is definetly the CV joints. Let me know what you find.


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