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  • thecardoc3 11/06/11 9:38 am PST

    First, yes this problem can be fixed, they all can. But sometimes it requires an effort that goes beyond what the constraints of flat rate will properly pay a technician for. It sounds as though you are describing an intermittent connection, do you know what trouble code is setting? Have the other repair attempts been dealing with the same trou ble code each time, or has the code not always been the same?
    Your airbag system can likely set fifty or more different codes, although to you the light coming on and off would have the appearance of being "the same thing". Having the code descriptions would help a little bit to get a picture of what has been going on during testing, but would not actually help "this time". For a technician to solve this once and for all, he/she needs to diagnose what the car is doing right now when the light comes on, and not be influenced by previous attempts.

    So what codes are setting now?


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