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  • jsalva 07/03/11 2:50 pm PST

    No Answer - I am also seeking answer to the same same issue

  • Stever@Edmunds 07/04/11 9:44 am PST

    There aren't any helpful replies to the same question over in the Edmunds Forums either, but you may want to watch that discussion.

  • jsalva 07/05/11 11:26 am PST

    Troubleshooting Note - I replaced the temperature sensor; No change; I then reset the electronics by disconnecting hte battery for a moment - then reattaching the battery - The problem went away... only for a brief period of time;

    Suspicions: Besides the loss of A/C and the Coolant temperature reading '---', I have another symptom - the radiator cooling fan continues to run - even if the vehicle temperature is cold (as a cold start in June is ~ 90 degrees);


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