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  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/07/10 12:45 pm PST

    This is in your owner's manual. It's too complicated to explain without a diagram but basically consists of pressing a button on the dash and scrolling through various options on various menues.

    If you don't have the owner's manual, try to score one on eBay, or check on possibilities listed in the Edmunds Guides, about REPAIR MANUALS

    You really need an owner's manual with modern cars, so go buy one/get one as soon as you can.

  • scanman1 02/04/11 8:19 am PST

    push info button on the control panel, select reset distance press enter, then push back button. and this info is in your owners manual. Go to index to find it quickly Scanman

  • samadams1 04/17/11 11:24 am PST

    I have a 2008 Altima and this does not work. Further turning off an existing reminder is not in the manual, the manual says that doing as you described simply allows one to change the interval between reminders, it does not say that it will turn off an existing reminder.

    Direct lift from the manual:

    For the reminding of maintenance intervals for the following:
    c engine oil
    c oil filter
    c tires
    c other
    Set a desired interval by pushing to highlight the maintenance field and pressing .
    The reset mode will open up and allow you to
    enter the desired distance.

    Notice, it says enter the desired distance, not reset an existing warning. This is exactly the way mine works, the reset button only allows me to set the desired distance between remindfers, it does not turn off an existing oil/filter warning.

    For the moment, I just exit out of the warning every time I start the car and am irritated that the Nissan engineers didn't see fit to have a reset button that actually resets.


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