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  • pizboin 07/25/11 12:37 pm PST

    The Altima has a different reset procedure than the other Nissan's and it is misdiagnosed as a bad BCM everytime. What the dealer tries to do is plug in his scantool and reset it. What he needs to do is disconnect the negative battery terminal and touch the wire to the positive(relax its not going to spark as its disconnected) This discharges the capacitors which are holding info for the system(If you dont feel comfortable just disconnect the battery for 15 to 20 mins it will do the same thing) NEXT, reconnect the battery and then use the scantool to reset the light. DONE!! The reason behind this is that there is a flaw in there programming and it gets stuck in a loop. Think of it like this, if you shut your laptop it goes into standby, but never really restarts, sometimes it just needs to be shutdown and turned back on when a new software is installed. This is the same thing, it needs to get out of that programming loop by discharging the caps and it will work fine. THESE TECHS DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW DATA WORKS, if the BCM was shot alot more stuff would be going wrong on the data network, its not just 12volts here and TADA!! anymore.

  • luuv2sail 02/06/13 1:58 pm PST

    Disconnecting the battery to reset the computer sounded like a good idea, so I tried it. Didn't work. It did reset the radio stations and clock for me - no thanks. No recent changes to my tires or wheels. The light came on yesterday, so I read that portion of the owner's manual. The tire pressure was good all around, but I raised it anyway. After driving the car many miles yesterday and today, and resetting the computer - no change. The light flashes for a minute every time I start the car, then remains on constant. I'm thinking the only way to avoid this problem and any more of the Nissan money-makers is to buy a Toyota. Any better ideas?

  • Stever@Edmunds 02/06/13 3:37 pm PST

    I'm sure you've checked this but some spare tires are monitored too.

    Maybe checking with a tire shop and scanning all the sensors would be cheaper than going to the dealer.


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