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  • karjunkie 04/09/10 9:35 am PST

    Go to the Edmunds.com webpage and click on “tips and advice” button. Then click on the car maintenance button. Here is the specific site:


    Enter your year make and model and the mileage and your zip code. You will see all recalls and technical service bulletins there. These are the problems that have been identified for your vehicle. If a recall has been issued, the work will be done for free. If they have issued a TSB, they are recognizing there is a problem and will repair it under warranty only.

  • excellentnurse 05/14/11 10:42 pm PST

    My transmission is going out in my 2009 chevy silverado, mine was vibrating at first now 1st gear is going out, you can email me at excellentnurse@yahoo.com put transmission in subject area. thank you.


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