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  • tony78 06/28/09 1:19 pm PST

    Your asking several questions here.

    1. four wheel drive versus all wheel drive ?

    2. all wheel drive versus front wheel drive ?

    3. the performance and safety of front wheel drive, all wheel drive and four wheel drive. ?

    4. The cost difference between these different systems ?

    5. the perspective of re-sale value ?

    Maybe one question at a time rather than all at once.

    Here is my Opinion, rather than an answer, I have been to Minneapolis many times and although it does snow there it does not snow all year. If I lived there I would get a car where i could switch from 2 wheel drive when it was dry and 4 wheel drive when there was snow.

    A vehicle that is always in all wheel drive mode or is allways in 4 wheel drive mode is only good in areas where the vehicle is used to drive more that 50 % of the time in adverse conditions. Since that does not apply to you, the wear and tear on a car and on your wallet is unjustified unless you are looking to impress some one or you like throwing your money out the window.

    Actually I would have two cars,,a summer car,,and a winter car.

    The summer car would be my sweet ride and the winter car would be an old beater.



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