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  • texases 08/11/11 1:49 pm PST

    Your owners manual should state this, at least for the belt. For many cars there is no specified power steering fluid change interval. Check your manual.

  • zaken1 08/11/11 2:30 pm PST

    There has been political manipulation of the timing belt replacement interval: Some states have enacted laws which prohibit major maintenace to be required on any new cars before 100,000 miles. Honda and some other companies responded to this law by revising their timing belt replacement intervals to 105,000 miles; but the belt design was not changed. Since this is an interference engine; there is a risk of major damage if the belt breaks; and there have been reports of belt failures between 75,000 and 103,000 miles. Honda still specifies replacing the belt at 60,000 miles in "severe service." Severe service, with reference to timing belts, would be proponged idling and city driving. Freeway driving is the easiest type of service on timing belts. I would use careful judgement on this one.

    Since you are obviously more concerned about optimal care for your car than most people; I would suggest replacing the power steering fluid at the time the timing belt is replaced. And don't overlook the need to drain and replace brake fluid every 3 years.


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