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  • corporalm 06/27/11 11:18 pm PST

    It could be your battery or your alternator. Since it is a 3 year old car, I am going to assume that it is your battery. If you are looking for a premium battery I would go with an optima, which you can get at most of your regular parts stores (kragen/checkers, autozone, pepboys, even wal mart). You can also take your battery in to autozone and they will test it for you, so you don't waste your money. You will have to remove your old battery anyways, to install the new one and for core charge.

  • Stever@Edmunds 06/28/11 12:02 am PST

    I think there's only two car battery suppliers in the US that I know of (of any size anyway). That would be Johnson Controls and Exide.

    Optima is a subsidiary of Johnson Controls. They may be spec'd better than other batteries from the parent company - don't know.

    I've had good luck with Walmart batteries. Last I heard, Walmart had switched from Exide to Johnson Controls as their supplier.

    It wouldn't be unusual for an original equipment battery on a new car to fail within three years.

  • pecantann09 10/10/11 6:35 am PST

    i have the same problem also


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