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  • tony78 06/05/09 12:56 am PST

    Corollas are manufactured in 16 different countries,,,i wonder if they have this steering issue that you spoke of,,,and what is the steering issue that you are refering to ?

  • lokki 06/05/09 9:41 am PST

    Unfortunately the "issue" with EPS (Electronic Power Steering) system in the 2009 Corolla is in the design, and not a mechanical problem which will be repaired. Further it's not really a "Problem" per se, and it's not unsafe in any way. It's just a design that results in a less than desirable steering behavior and feedback.

    Toyota has gone to a total power electric steering system for the 2009 Corolla and a lot of reviewers and some consumers say that the car has to be constantly adjusted to hold a center line which can get very tiresome on long drives. Also, reviewers say that it takes some getting used to as the car will not “straighten out by itself” when turning at slow speed but must be actually steered to center again.

    So, it won't make any difference in which country your Corolla is built as the components will be identical.

    Here's what Edmunds has to say in their review:

    "Handling is uninspiring, however. Body roll is decently controlled, but the electric steering on non-XRS models provides so little feedback, you may find yourself making corrections simply to keep the car traveling in a straight line."

    However, Edmunds point out that there's one model where the steering has been recalibrated and has better feel.

    " Toyota retuned this setup for the XRS, and indeed its steering feels crisper and weightier. "

    You can see the Edmunds review of the car at the link below.

  • brule 02/06/10 12:58 am PST

    Hello Graham,

    I noitice it's been about 6 months and no once has responded to your question. Your best bet is to do a google on your question with all the questions now being rased on recalls. Also what I find on the NHTSA.gov website in relecation to steering issues are founded with about 70 complaints now.

    Source: http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/complaints


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