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  • helee 11/14/11 4:57 pm PST

    To answer your question----yes,yes, yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We are new owners of a 2010 malibu.We also have had it in the 'shop'at the dealership here in town for shifting problems.Tomorrow we will be taking the car for a third time to a different dealer.

    This car has been one of the biggest dissappointments ever!!!!!! It was the newest car we have ever owned and now wish we didn't.

    I find it insulting to be told that they have found no problem so therefor there is no problem.

    If this trip to the chevy garage doesn't solve the problem i 'm not sure what we should do.I have made a formal complaint with the nhtsa [national highway traffic safety administration] because unfortunatly this problem is a safety issue and can lead to an accident.



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