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  • scanman1 07/07/13 5:19 pm PST

    Your handle is made of plastic and it has broken. Go to the dealer and purchase a new one if you wanna try to replace it, It is sometimes demanding because of the limited space to work in but it can be done

  • keithestes 10/29/14 6:18 am PST

    Mine are doing the same thing with same vehicle and same year. what did you find that work. Thanks

  • csmi43 01/02/15 6:41 am PST

    Did u get it fixs?

  • mikezinc 12/19/15 2:40 pm PST

    No answer just saying mine just did this yesterday 12/18/15. Outside front drivers door handle no longer works. I can open from the inside though. I just made a vehicle complaint submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Seems as though this is happening to many people.

  • phillyd54 01/20/16 8:29 am PST

    This is insane. I had this happen over the summer and couldnt even get in the car. Ridiculous for this part to be plastic. I had it replaced. Was like $200. I came out this morning and BOTH front doors now don't work. Im seriously ripping the dealership today. I want to file something with the NHTSA too. Talk about a ridiculous safety risk.


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