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  • MrShift@Edmunds 12/14/10 7:02 pm PST

    Nope, you're cutting it too close. You're gonna need either a) a bigger SUV b) a smaller boat or c) more life insurance. For 6X a year, I'd rent a 4X4 pickup rather than mess up your new car. If you burn up that transmission, and KIA sees a tow hitch, they're going to hassle you about it.

    The boat trailer has to be at least 700 lbs, if not more. Then, whatever is IN or ON the boat is extra, too, + whatever or whoever is IN the Sportage is extra.

    So if you had the boat + trailer + one passenger + gear that's probably 2800 lbs or 40% over your tow limit.

    If it was 5 or 10% I'd say fudge it, but this is too much IMO.

    And remember, fancy hitches and electric brakes don't increase your tow capacity, only your safety.

  • romanowsky1193 12/14/10 8:11 pm PST

    Damn. Ok, what about the subaru Outback? Rated at 2700 lbs. But geezzz....doesnt LOOK like it should be towing a boat......

  • MrShift@Edmunds 12/14/10 9:48 pm PST

    Let's face the ugly truth here...if you want to tow, AND safely launch, a fair-sized boat, you are probably, most likely, going to need a truck or full size SUV, not a mini-van or wagon or mini-SUV.

    I'd say, for you, you'll need 4X4 or AWD and at least 3,000 lbs capacity. Even then---I haven't actually weighed your boat trailer (not a bad idea by the way, and if it's not an I/O, then also weigh the engine and don't forget that chest full of ice and beer!!


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