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  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/08/10 12:35 pm PST

    You might search the internet for a HACK into the system. I have seen various solutions/suggestions, but none seem very useful to the average driver. One guy made up some kind of pulse device that automatically "hits" or cancels the "I AGREE" button for him every time he starts the car (obviously an electronics type of guy). Others have found ways to reset the NAV to allow input during motion, with various convoluted menu manipulations----- BUT....one has to go through this procedure every time one starts the car!

  • don198 10/24/11 12:15 pm PST

    I have a 2011 Avalon Limited with the Navigation unit. When traveling, driving down the freeway and want to select a different destination from the Address Book I select Destination, Address Book and scroll to the wanted location. If after three scrolls the screen shades gray, (shutting off the Nav selection) I exit out, (select Map) then go back to the Address Book which will allow you to again scroll three more pages. Repeat the operation until you’ve reached the place in the Address Book where your listing is available. This method also works when wanting to make a Bluetooth call.

    (I have several hundred contacts which makes the above a tolerable solution to Big Brother Toyota’s be safe plan).


    Vancouver, WA


  • bjohnson555 11/05/11 5:53 pm PST


    We recently bought a 2011 Toyota Avalon Limited and last night my wife just discovered the navigation lockout. I contacted the salesman from the Toyota dealership and he said he would ask the service guys if there is a hack to override it - not holding my breath!

    I found the LockPick site but I’m not sure if any of the LockPick applications will work. I also read about older Toyota vehicles have a service override by entering a series of button pushed that disable the override until you turn the car off.

    If you find out anything, please post back. I will do the same.



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