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  • Stever@Edmunds 01/12/12 12:44 pm PST

    Edmunds' True Cost to Own tool will tell you what the depreciation and running costs will be for your car comparison over 5 years.

    For the 2012 Accord LX (automatic), in my zip code, the TCO over 5 years will be 41,064.

    For 2011 2012 Corolla S, the TCO is 38,956. (We don't have 2012 Corolla TCO numbers up yet)

    So there's a little bit better bang for buck with the Toyota and it's hard to beat 0%.

    Run the numbers yourself for your zip code to dial it in a bit better.

    That said I'd go with the Accord myself since you like the ride better and it's a 2012, not a 2011. All cars are pretty reliable these days so that's not much of a factor in my book.

    And double check the incentives; there is 0.9% financing available on the Honda (and $500 dealer cash) if you qualify.

    Enjoy the new ride!


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