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  • zaken 12/15/13 2:19 pm PST

    If this vehicle is still under warranty, call the dealership and have them pick the car up and repair it. This should not be your problem.

  • thecardoc3 12/15/13 2:28 pm PST

    Check to see if your brake lights are working. There are two fuses that are required for this system to operate, the Module Ign1 (ignition) fuse and the ATM K/Lock (keylock) fuse, both in the fuse block, underdash left hand side. Almost anything beyond that will require a technician with a full scan tool.

  • jllloyd 07/16/15 11:46 pm PST

    Had the same problem with a 2011 sportage . Kia wanted $550+ to swap out the shifter assembly!... (no thanks) Pulled the console off to see how it works and found a little contact switch (very small piece of metal with 2 wires connected) pushed the switch part, heard a small click and keys came right out! To fix this I very slightly bent the metal tab towards the prong on the shifter that pushes it. Works great now! Hope this might help.

  • jemezangel 08/22/15 10:14 am PST

    I've had this same problem with my 2012 Kia Sportage, but looking through several sites, it happens in several models of different years. I've tried the jerking of steering wheel and shifter, turning on and off, etc. None of this helps and probably doesn't help my Kia. One woman had the work around of disconnecting the battery and that does work. I've been doing this all weekend. Seems that once the battery is disconnected, the key will turn back just a hair more and release. It's obviously a sensor. I'm too busy today, but later I will try to figure out how to get into the shifter assembly and look at that sensor that engages when car is put into park. This had happened a few times in the past, but usually clears itself with the man handling techniques, but it seems to be permanent now. In my case, the lock shift button, does seem to come out, but it may just be so small of a difference I don't see it.

  • turchib 09/01/15 8:55 pm PST

    Just happend to me and the issue was a small piece of plastic had broken off from the decorative ring around the shift knob button and gotten stuck behind the button so it would no longer move.

    Disconnecting the battery was a short term solution to just get the key out, but the button would still not work when trying to drive the car again.

    I took apart the shift knob by first removing the shift knob by pulling up very hard on it. Then I took out that small decorative ring around the button. Then peeled back the leather so I can poke into a small hole below the button to remove the button. Once the button was removed it was easy to remove the small piece of broken plastic and then put it all back together again.

    Hope this helps


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