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  • zaken 12/15/13 2:19 pm PST

    If this vehicle is still under warranty, call the dealership and have them pick the car up and repair it. This should not be your problem.

  • thecardoc3 12/15/13 2:28 pm PST

    Check to see if your brake lights are working. There are two fuses that are required for this system to operate, the Module Ign1 (ignition) fuse and the ATM K/Lock (keylock) fuse, both in the fuse block, underdash left hand side. Almost anything beyond that will require a technician with a full scan tool.

  • jllloyd 07/16/15 11:46 pm PST

    Had the same problem with a 2011 sportage . Kia wanted $550+ to swap out the shifter assembly!... (no thanks) Pulled the console off to see how it works and found a little contact switch (very small piece of metal with 2 wires connected) pushed the switch part, heard a small click and keys came right out! To fix this I very slightly bent the metal tab towards the prong on the shifter that pushes it. Works great now! Hope this might help.


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