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  • canddmeyer 11/13/08 3:57 am PST

    Compliments of Autozone, here are the best guesses:

    1 Inspect Hose (Vacuum) Misrouted, damaged, loose, or clogged vacuum hose(s)
    3 Inspect Choke Pulloff Worn, defective, or faulty choke pulloff(s).
    4 Inspect Hood Brace Leaking, worn, or damaged intake manifold gasket
    5 Inspect Choke Thermostat Stuck or improperly functioning choke thermostat.
    6 Inspect Carburetor/Fuel Injection Gsk Deteriorated, or faulty carburetor/throttle valve mounting gasket.
    7 Inspect EGR Valve Clogged, dirty or improperly functioning or defective egr valve.
    8 Inspect Idle Air Control Valve Damaged, loose, or faulty idle air control valve.
    9 Inspect Idle Speed Control Actuator Damaged, loose, or faulty idle speed actuator.
    10 Inspect Idle Stop Solenoid Damaged, loose, or faulty idle stop solenoid.
    11 Inspect Throttle Position Sensor Faulty throttle position sensor or throttle position sensor circuit.

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