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  • twinkie3 07/21/10 4:03 pm PST

    Not an answer but my 2005 Buick Lesabre, Limited in 2009 the gas gauge stopped working, Then the speedometer would register 20 mph upon first starting in the morning, it would gradually creep up to what we could estimate as a correct speed, then it would go back down. The lights on the instrument panel did not work from the very beginning (we bought it new from the dealership). Buick customer service and the dealership could not explain this problem only to say that they all do that. Now the Ac and all of the dash lights are gone. I thought that we just got a lemon but after accessing this page, it seems to be a pattern with Buicks. Buick customer service wanted us to take the vehicle to the dealership and pay $109 to have diagnostics run on the car. We are on social security and don't have the money to do this so I have been looking on line to find out what an instrument panel costs. No help. Guess I'll have to call Buick Customer Service again. Hope you can find an answer to your problem.


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