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  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/28/09 6:53 pm PST

    You should use the 'answer this question' button in order to stay in the same thread and every time you make a new comment. If you open a new question for each of your replies, no one will see your previous remarks and no one will have any idea of what's going on. I remember the lights you refer to were alternator, ABS and two others.

    It's possible for a battery to revive somewhat when you leave it overnight; also possible you have a bad battery ground cable.

    If the ground cable checks out good, and your battery and alternator are load tested and check out good under load, then you have some mysterious wiring problem, perhaps in a fuse box and it's a matter of dogged patience to track down some short, broken wire, corrosion, melted wire, etc. It could be a long journey. This is why a thorough, indisputable test of you alternator and battery and battery cabling is so important.

  • jim611 05/15/11 11:21 pm PST

    Clean the wires bolted to the battery terminals (The copper tarnishes) then coat with dielectric grease.


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