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  • randy95 02/21/09 6:19 am PST

    I would start with the starter and celinoid it could be letting juice run threw the electrical system, I also have had a computer on the vehical drain the battery ,have you noticed what it is charging when you are driving or running ? It could be that your ingnition is not turning completly off even if your key is in the right position. Have you checked to make sure that all the lights are off like in the trunk or under the hood, glove box, some times those switches go bad to and most people don't even notice those. what batteries are you getting ? the same or differant brands with the right cranking amps. Hope this helps. Please let me know.

  • Marit 02/24/09 4:45 pm PST

    I have not been able to see any signs of anything draining when the car is running or driving. I do take the keys out of the ignition when I park it in the garage, so would that still mean that the ignition may be draining anyway when there are no keys in it? We messed for hours one day with trying to find something that was left on, and found not one thing. We locked ourselves in the trunk, unscrewed the bulb in the glove box and under the hood, but still nothing was left on.
    We live in Wisconsin, so the batteries I've bought were from a local Auto Parts store, not a discount retailer. (I learned my lesson years ago regarding WalMart batteries). These batteries had 770 or so CCA, as that's what's needed in 30 below weather, so those definitely aren't the cheapie batteries that could normally be bought. I don't know the brand name though off the top of my head, but do know that this stock# is their 2nd best they sell in the store - with top battery seemingly being for high-end sports cars or heavy-hauler trucks. Even still, the brand new/high-quality battery won't last longer than 1 night unless we disconnect it from the cables after we're done using it. How would we go about testing for where a drain is? Would I use a ohm-meter for that? If so, what kind of reading should it be giving me to tell me if that is the problem? Can the fuse panel or something else help us along with the diagnosis?

  • randy95 02/24/09 8:47 pm PST

    Have you tested the fuses, ckeck both sides of each fuse and see which one has juice on both sides, if I recall right the lights will have juice on both sides and there is another that does also, but that is a good place to start.

  • zero_out 06/29/16 11:30 am PST

    I have a 92 Buick park Ave, (not the Ultra) ... SAME ISSUE!!!

    I am a (expired) licensed Master Mechanic ... NEVER seen anything like it. New battery, completely charged numerous times, dead every morning. Alternator putting out a good 14.5V, all battery connections clean and tight. No starter issues.

    A real key surfaced the last time I charged it: Flat dead battery. No keys in vehicle. I hooked up the charging cables, like it was possessed, all manners of clicks and rrrrr's, radiator, A/C, and cowl fan (interior) cycled on and off (and if I can remember clearly from my shocked brain, not in sync). No issues when being operated.

    So, here is my highly technical answer (I reserve the right to deny this at any time) ... it is possessed.

  • stever 07/02/16 1:18 pm PST

    lol, as good an answer as any!


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