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  • docj 06/14/08 11:45 pm PST

    Several things can cause a car to stall out.
    Does it start right back up or does it need to sit/cool down before starting back up?

    Ok,you know the kill switch acts up at times.This needs to be disconnected and original wiring reconnected .This may be the cause,who knows,but with it disconnected ,it can be eliminated as a source of the problem if problem still exists.
    Did the mechanic take a fuel pressure reading with a fuel pressure gauge?
    If not ,have it done.Could have a fuel pump problem...
    When it stalls,it needs to be determined if its a loss of spark and/or fuel.
    Have the mechanic take an ohm reading of all the fuel injectors,injectors can fail when they get hot and cause the quad drivers in the ECM (computer ) to shut down and /or fry the ECM.
    Also,Have the mechanic perform a "tap" test on the ECM.
    This is to say,tap on the ECM while the engine is running and while driving and simulate road /driving conditions.These were common failures back in these years.
    If it acts up during the tap test,replace the computer.
    If the injectors are failing,depending on how many are faulty,you may have to replace them all and replace the ecm as well.

    Ignition problems/stalls hot can be contributed to faulty Ignition control module.
    Does this vehicle have a security system?Factory?Passkey or similar?
    These can fail too.
    Have a mechanic with an advanced system scanner check for trouble codes in the computer related to driveability and theft system issures,if applicable.

    Hope some of this helps

    Doc J

  • rmoriartey 06/15/08 1:06 am PST

    thank you so much for your info. i believe the killswitch is factory installed. and no i don't have to let the car cool down, before it starts back up. it starts right back up, and if i continue to keep starting it when it stalls, it will eventually start running smooth again. aometimes when i start it back up, it acts like it's fine again, but as soon as i try to drive it, it loses power and stalls again. after going through this a few times, it just smooths back out and i can drive it with no problem back home. it's this intermittent problem, that has me confused. if something was bad, wouldn't it be bad all the time? i had auto zone put their diagnostic tester on my car, and they said the codes that showed up was my oxygen sensor, and something about my air conditioning. i told them, my air conditioning has always worked in my car, so i don't know why that showed up.

  • docj 06/15/08 4:40 pm PST

    Hi Again

    Dont know of any "factory " installed kill switch that is under the dash that is reset-able..this definately sounds like an aftermarket setup .
    Have the mechanic check into this and disconnect it,just to eliminate it as a source of the concern.
    Intermittent concerns are a nightmare and probably a contributing factor to my hair loss over the years.
    You'd like to think that if something was bad,dammit ,its bad...but not always the case with automobiles.
    I have had vehicles that would act up for the customer ,as soon as i got it,it would never act up,even if i kept it for weeks.As soon as the customer would get it back,poof,stalls out...
    I have had vehicles that intermittently would stall,no rhyme or reason to it,and start right back up..never set a code,never ever give you anything to go on..Even a intermittent fault in an ignition switch can cause a condition like this...
    So occasionally you have to try something,change a part.

    Have the mechanic test the fuel pressure,test the injectors,"tap " test the ECM and go from there.
    Keep me posted...I'll try to help as much as i can...

    Doc J


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