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  • scanman1 08/04/10 12:45 pm PST

    Replace the sockets the ground has gone bad

  • docj 08/04/10 4:44 pm PST

    Stop lamps are wired thru the Turn Signal Switch.

    Replaced many of these switches for no stop lamps.

    Just a thought

    Doc J

  • cdjh 08/04/10 4:48 pm PST

    Doc J, would that effect the turn signals if the switch was bad to cause no brake lights?

  • docj 08/07/10 4:37 pm PST

    Not necessarily..had 'em where just the stop lamps wont work.

    Easiest way to tell without going thru a lot of testing is to get a known good Turn Signal Switch and just access the connector at the base of the steering column and disconnect the old one and just plug in the new one,if the stop lights work,then install it,if not then you have eliminated that .

    Best to try with a new one so you know its a good switch.

    Hope this helps

    Doc J


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