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  • rickmn 07/02/09 7:27 pm PST

    The engine control module is NOT on top of the radiator. What you replaced is the constant control relay module. First check the fuse for the cooling fan. It's in the engine compartment fuse box. That sends power to a fan dropping resistor located on the top left of the engine. So check the power coming to the resistor on the black/orange wire. If you have power on that wire, then check for power coming out of the resistor on the brown/orange wire. From there, the power goes into the CCRM. Once the relay closes, it sends power to the fan on the dark blue wire.The coolant temp sensor tells the powertrain control module (located behind the passenger side firewall) how hot the coolant is. When the PCM decides to turn on the cooling fan, it sends a signal on the tan/orange wire to the power inverter inside the CCRM. That controls the cooling fan relay. There is a grounding connection at the top left (driver's side) of the radiator. If that ground isn't good, the relays and the fan won't work.


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