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  • jmg82984 07/30/09 1:18 pm PST

    If the cable broke near the handle inside the truck then you can pull off the panel and pull it with a pair of pliers. If not then its a pain in the ass but you can usually use a lonr pry bar or something similar and from under the car reach up and press up in the flat part you usually grab to open if after you popped it from inside the truck.

  • deano32 07/30/09 1:48 pm PST

    I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but the answers here were of little or no help whatsoever. I did look at a friend's blazer and came up with two methods that both worked!

    The problem is that the cable latch is protected in the front and can only be reached from the rear.

    Method 1: I took a stiff wire coat hanger and straightened it out. Then on one end I made a small 1/2 inch bend to a sharp angle (>90 degrees). Now I inserted the hanger between the hood and the top radiator support from the right side (driver's side) with the small bend facing front towards me. The trick is to put the wire behind the hood safety catch about an inch or two and try to catch the same lever the cable attaches to. If you feel some resistance, pull the hanger to the right. I released the hood after three tries. I can now do it repeatedly - even in the dark.

    Method 2: Find the center bracket that the grill mounts to and remove the two nuts (13mm) that hold the hood latch. These two nuts face directly down right behind the center column. With the nuts removed, you can raise the hood an inch or two, but not quite enough for me to get my fingers in behind the latch the pull the lever. Next I removed the four small screws that secure the plastic grill to the top radiator support and the two small screws mounting the plastic grill to the center support. With these screws out, I was able to use a little more force to lift the hood to where I could get my fingers behind the latch. Problem solved!

    Good luck...

  • Stever@Edmunds 08/02/09 2:20 am PST

    Thanks for reporting back with the fix (both of them!).

    I've always read about the pliers technique but I've never had the "pleasure" of having to try it out on my own cars. Good info!

  • breeannasmommy 10/14/14 5:39 pm PST

    Get some plyers and grab the wire that is there and pull.


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