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  • karjunkie 04/06/10 1:39 pm PST

    Did you change the fuel filter at the same time you did the fuel pump? If not you may have some sediment in the filter that is momentarily clogging the fuel line. If the ECM was bad I would think it would not run fine all day after the second restart. Most times on this engine, the problem is a sticking injector. When cold the injector ma be sticking shut and then free up after it warms a bit. Before taking anything apart, try running two tankfuls of high octane tier one gas like chevron or shell with a bottle of Techron Concentrate in the fist tankful. If that doesn't improve the engine problem, the only solution is to have the injectors serviced or replaced.

  • rogerdog 04/06/10 1:54 pm PST

    Yep, changed the fuel filter. So, you still think it may be a fuel injector problem? It does this every morning that I start it. Would the cold make the fuel injector stick (open or closed) longer?

  • karjunkie 04/06/10 2:20 pm PST

    The cold might make it worse, but if it is sticking it will get worse even if the weather warms up. Like I said, don't take anything apart until you try some injector cleaner. It doesn't take much to clog up an injector. One other potential culprit believe it or not could be a bad engine coolant temp sensor. I would have never guessed this to be the issue normally, but I did have this happen on a GM truck with that engine and similar symptoms. Once I plugged in a new sensor, the truck started right up and ran fine. In disbelief, I then plugged in the old sensor, and the truck again would not start. Somehow, the sensor was sending a signal to the TBI injector calling for too much fuel thus flooding out the engine. The weird part was it worked in terms of the temperature gauge just fine!

  • rogerdog 04/20/10 9:23 pm PST

    I have now replaced the temp sensor and the temp switch, as well as running a bottle of Techroline fuel injector cleaner through the injectors. I have heard that it may be an engine control module or maybe an ignition control module. It is still doing the dying thing. Any other suggestions?

  • rogerdog 05/23/10 6:50 pm PST

    Finally took the truck to a friend who manages a Firestone. Diagnosis? Ignition control module. Hopefully I can keep this truck on the road for another 15 years!


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