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  • snowball2 11/05/09 10:24 pm PST

    this is how you bleed this
    1)disconnect the line off the slave cylinder(becareful not to destroy the white clip)fill the resivoir,with some one in the truck you with a srew driver push the plunger in the line in enough to let the fluid come out the person in the truck is going to push the clutch pedal down slowly and with the pedal down you release the plunger and then then the pedal can be released do this 3 times
    2)pump the pedal rapidly 5 to 10 times wait 3 minuted and do it again and wait 3 minutes and do it again do this up to 4 times
    3)now with someone back in the truck locate the bleeder on the slave and open it and the person in the truck push the pedal down slowly and you tighten the bleeder before the pedal is released do this 4 times (DON'T EVER LET THE MASTER RUN LOW ON FLUID)try this and repost here to let me know how it goes


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