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  • karjunkie 05/26/09 10:06 am PST

    It could be several things such as the vehicle speed sensor or the transmission control module so you need to get the trouble codes first. There is a procedure to get the trouble codes on the transmission. You can cause the "CHECK ENGINE" light to blink the error codes. Without starting the engine, turn the ignition key on, off, on, off, and back to on.
    The "CHECK ENGINE" light will flash the first digit, pause and then flash the second digit of any stored error. Example: one flash and pause and eight flashes = number 18 error code.

    And the possible transmission trouble codes are:

    11 No Engine Speed Sensor Signal
    12 No Output Shaft Sensor Signal
    13 No Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal
    14 Governor Pressure Sensor Signal
    15 Throttle Position Signal
    16 Transmission Temperature Sensor
    17 Overdrive Off Switch Circuit
    18 System Voltage Out of Limits
    19 Standby Voltage Out of Limits
    21 Governor Pressure Solenoid Circuit
    22 3-4 Solenoid Circuit
    23 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit
    24 Overdrive Off Lamp Circuit
    25 EEPROM Checksum Error
    26 Governor Pressure Sensor Offset Drift

    Once you have the codes, come back and we can take it from there. Good luck!

  • arete1 06/07/13 10:17 pm PST

    This may be one of the solenoids on the outside of the transmission. I have a 1993. My overdrive just went out again. The mechanic said the error code noted a solenoid. (not transmission) This is the second time this has failed. Last time was about 8 years ago. Car is a reliable car but this is a problem as is repeated water pump failure ever 3 years due to high torque. This is an outstanding engine and will go 500k miles according to mechanics. Your patience will go before the engine.

    This has been a great car for many years but now we find out the gas tank may explode if its hit from behind and Fiat/Chrysler/Jeep is dodging on the recall. Bad management again and again and again which kills the brand.


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