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  • alaskanj 03/06/10 1:09 am PST

    I hope it was low when you added fluid. Did you check the fluid with the engine running at idle in park or neutral? If it is the bearing you can seem like your chasing a ghost depending on how bad the noise is. Does the noise change with the speed of the vehicle as your driving? Do you hear it more when you turn right when the weight of the vehicle shifts to the left side? A lot of times a bad bearing wont show signs visually. If you take it to a good mechanic he can isolate the noise and diagnose the problem.

  • mary69 03/06/10 1:26 am PST

    It was parked while running when we put the fluid in. It doesnt really grind in a particular direction. Just taking off, going straight or turning left or right. The mechanics said it might be the trasmission, but it doesnt sound like its coming from there. It makes a grinding noise like a growl or something and the it goes away once i pick up speed. Please help, i dont want my car to break down

  • alaskanj 03/06/10 2:00 am PST

    I would be looking to getting your wheel bearings checked out before anything else. The description pretty much sounds like a bearing problem. When you excellerate you put a load on the bearing and when you turn you load the bearing and bearings do growl. bring it to someone who hears your concerns and is willing to work with you and not just point out the most expensive possibilty without checking other possible causes first... Let us know what happens and good luck

  • mary69 03/06/10 12:49 pm PST

    Thank you so much, my fiance is going to check out the bearings right now. I will let you know what happens

  • mary69 03/06/10 5:16 pm PST

    We replaced the front bearing and it was pretty rusty. It still grinds a bit, but not as loud, so I guess it needed it anyways. However, the {duck boot} they called it has a crack in it, where the motor gets air under the hood. So, I think were going to try and get one from a junk yard and go from there. What do you think?

  • alaskanj 03/06/10 6:16 pm PST

    Not that Im tryin to get you to throw parts at ur vehicle were both wheel bearings checked, passenger and driver side or just the one side? The intake scoop or Duct Boot shouldnt have anything to do with the grinding noise unless maybe the crack is vibrating. I dont see no connection with that to the grinding noise. Were the half shafts inspected when you brought it to the first shop? Someone had to have inspected them when they changed out the wheel bearing right? It would only make sense..

  • mary69 03/07/10 1:50 am PST

    No, we just changed the bearing on the driver side. I didnt think it was necassary right now to get the passenger side yet, but i do intend to get it done when I get more money. Just a couple of frieds thought it could be related, since its on the same side as the grinding noise is coming from. My car is being so difficult......

  • alaskanj 03/07/10 3:14 am PST

    I thought the original noise was on the driver side? Well either way it doesnt hurt to change those out considering it is a 15 year old car. You should keep me posted on what you do and the results.

  • mary69 03/09/10 8:19 pm PST

    Thank you so much for your help!!! My car has finally stopped grindin, due to changing the wheel bearings.


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