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  • patrick88 04/12/11 4:31 pm PST

    This could a few different things: When you pulled your daughter out how bad of a pull and how much strain did you put on it?
    Before doing anything I would check the transmission fluid to see if it (a) at the proper level and (b) if it is burnt or discolored and drop the pan to look for metal shavings.
    If it needs rebuilt, most of the time a savalage yard one is cheaper BUT you'd have to pay to have it installed unless you could do it. Up here an "overhaul" is about $1,200 (thats what we used to charge for removing, installing new friction plates, clutches etc...).
    If you are going to sell and it needs a rebuild I'd look at salvage yard ones... last one I bought that was simular it was about $250.


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