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  • bandit10 07/01/08 10:34 pm PST

    Was this a factory or dealer alarm installed system? If so ask their parts deptment people how to disengage the system. I've gotton a lot of valuable help from the various parts dept. of my cars.

  • docj 07/02/08 1:20 am PST

    This has whats known as VATS ..Vehicle antitheft system.

    This is probably going to have to be towed in for diagnostics...
    The system will have to be scanned for security codes...(advanced Scan tool needed)
    One common problem with these is...
    The ignition lock cylinder (where the key goes into) has a wire going to it ..this wire frays/breaks and then the system will not let the vehicle start.

    Click on the link below....click on the pic that shows system with VATS..you'll see the wire to the lock cylinder....
    Still could be a different problem with the security system also...module...key (chip )

    Keep us posted

    Doc J

    Source: http://www.autozone.com/shopping/repair


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