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  • actualsize 04/10/08 11:43 am PST

    Assuming that you re-filled it to the full mark and it is properly purged and free of air (still full after driving it awhile), the power steering pump or the steering rack itself could be going out.

    If the fluid looked black, the remains of an o-ring or other seal were circulating around in there. It might be time to take it to a dealer on Toyota mechanic.

  • ydnic 04/10/08 12:11 pm PST

    Thank you Actualsize,

    After refilling with Dex III yesterday and driving it today, I checked the level and it is still at the full mark.

    The colour of the old Dex III was red, same as the new. I had the power steering pump replaced two years ago.

    Is there anything you can think of that I might be able to check for myself, very tight budget, son in college, lol.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/10/08 12:26 pm PST

    your symptoms could be the result of a number of things, and require some further testing.

    Most obvious would be a loose power steering pump belt. This can be checked with a belt tension tool.

    Then the pressure can be tested from the power steering pump to make sure the pump isn't bad.

    If that checks out, then the problem is probably in your steering gear (often called the steering rack).

    Other causes could be deflated tires and worn front suspension parts that are binding, and also a binding within the steering column.

  • ydnic 04/10/08 4:32 pm PST

    Thank you Mr Shiftright, I will try the things you recommended. Ydnic

  • ydnic 04/13/08 1:42 am PST

    thanks guys,
    I read on another site about over inflated tires made someones steering very sensitive. I checked my tires (because of the opposite) and sure enough, the tires were 19 psi instead of the 32 psi. Once the air was replaced, voila, no more steering problems. thanks for all your help... Ydnic

  • farmer15 03/16/09 7:32 pm PST

    My guess is the knucle at bottom of steering colume is faulty.. dry. 

    Our 2000 Avalon has 250,000 km and I have replaced this joint twice. Your problem sounds identical to how our Avalon acted.
    First time was 2006 and 2nd time just last week. Dealer says it's quite common. In Canada it cost me $300 cdn


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