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  • karjunkie 03/01/10 9:47 am PST

    90% chance you have a bad fuel pressure regulator. If the diapragm on the FPR goes bad, the fuel pressure will not hold. After 13 years, there's a good chance it has failed. After a start and stall, pull the vacuum line off the FPR and see if there is gas in the line. If so, the FPR is bad and needs to be replaced.

  • ps_88s10blazer 12/09/13 2:31 am PST

    I have an 88' s10 blazer that does the same thing but after holding the pedal at 1500 rpm for 3 minutes It will run on it's own. It will start like it's warmed up and then die. When I start it up again, it has a high idel drops to mid idel, then to normal idel, then die. I been beating my head on this one. Other than that, it runs fine.


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