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  • muffman57 02/13/10 8:45 am PST

    your problem sounds like the brake booster is bad .or check the vacuum line going to the booster.

  • maui420 02/13/10 4:37 pm PST

    I have gone a head and done some basic research and had my father take a look at it. We did some tests that we found on the internet. We removed the line from the booster valve and started the truck, my father covered the line with his thumb as I started the truck, the results were brakes felt better, Couldn't hear any leakage from inside the truck, Engine wasn't reving up no more(Running Normal)

    My question is: Is the whole booster out or do you think it is just the valve on the booster. How do I go about checking these things.

    Sorry for the lame terms I am not much of a car person. Please any help. Thanks again in advance.

  • armes 02/14/10 2:18 am PST

    Brake booster diaphram has a leak. It no longer pulls down with engine vacumn. Engine would rev up slightly with the resulting vacumn leak. Go to salvage yard for cheap fix or purchase a new or rebuilt booster so you can have some kind of warranty.

  • muffman57 02/14/10 9:11 am PST

    go and buy a new booster assm. some times it comes with a new master cyl. good luck.


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