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  • hardworker1 12/04/09 12:51 am PST

    I have a 96 z71 1500 with the same trans but with a 383 crate gm motor. I had a race car shop but in a rebuild trans in it for me with all the best parts and great torque converter and it ran good. But as I started to floor it around to pass other cars I noticed the EXACT SAME THING! EVERYTHING YOU WROTE IS WHAT My truck is doing.. Let me know if you figure it out! hahaha

    whats really funny is when I put all next exhaust and cats on it "true duals" I noticed it right away! its funny because you can still haul fast and accelerate just by lifting the throttle back just a hair and it wakes up and runs like its suppose to.. I have no idea. I used the good trans fluid Ams stuff. I think its a computer problem!?!

    let me know what else you find!
    thanks.. see if we can fix this!

  • steve7500 12/12/09 11:51 am PST

    Problem resolved after replacing crank shaft timing sensor.

  • hardworker1 12/12/09 1:20 pm PST

    wow a crank shaft sensor? holy man! was it hard to do and was the cost a pain/?

    Did you have the same problem if you were pulling a trailer and try to pass some one it would not perform right?! thanks man!


  • hardworker1 06/07/10 7:17 pm PST

    where did you find this crank position sesnor? I can not seem to find it.



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