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  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/21/08 9:51 pm PST

    Probably there is a spring under the pedal that lifts it off the brake light switch when you release your foot, and this spring must be broken or weak. Get a flashlight and look up under there (follow the pedal up under the dashboard) and see if you can find that spring. Maybe it just came loose?

  • dirkwork 02/22/08 1:56 am PST

    These switches, at least the ones I have experience with have an adjustment. If the Master Cyl is working properly and the return spring is ok (compare with other trucks if possible), your light switch may need adjusting which you typically do yourself very easily. Lay on the carpet and look up, you'll figure it out.

  • alpr1993 02/29/08 12:03 pm PST

    whats up? there is a switch located under the peddle it is easily visible to find.replace it, it costs about $5.00 also while u have it apart change the spring located in the same spot.i would go with after market peddle and arm.complete fix under $50.00.if u get a chance please let me know how u feel about ur truck as i would like to buy a 2000 ram 5.9 4x4.hope this helps. p.s check for recalls.its always good to have a chiltons book handy.

  • bandit10 03/23/08 9:51 pm PST

    Replace the brake pedal switch. It's just worn out, and the spring won't retract the pedal.

  • sillycracker62 03/07/10 5:28 pm PST

    Had the same problem, lifting the pedal fixed me up till I can shoot over to sanels in the morning and grab a switch I am curious about the aftermarket one mentioned, I have had a few little problems with my 98 ram 2500 it is the 5.9 great truck found alot ot the problems were easily fixable I would buy another one just like it if I could the cash for clunkers mess has provided me with alot of parts and the ability to grab a part or trim piece from a slightly different vehicle, I look forward to sharing with this great site.

  • rhysell01 09/15/15 9:33 am PST

    I own a 1985 Chevy s-10 and does the same thing damn thing I had to put a cord on mine so thendamn battery don't die


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