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  • scanman1 02/27/11 6:39 am PST

    Check your fuses first then headlight switch

  • brodude 02/28/11 12:14 am PST

    seeing is how your fuses are all ready checked i would get behind your gauges and check ALLL wires n plugs my chevy tahoe did the same thing on a road trip and i had to use glow sticks n dash to get home.. to later find out from a machanic that chevy/gmc have this problem that the instrument panel goes out n has to be "rebuilt" for very pretty penny. after tearing it apart my self i found a wire that had worked it self loose. once plugged back in my head lights no longer flickerd and all the gauges worked again.. o and i did have brake light headlights emergancy brake, seatbelt and brights indicators all worked even though wire was unplugged


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