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  • tony78 10/03/08 4:42 pm PST

    You say " nothing is working " ?

    Did you change fuel filter because,,the car was not getting fuel,,somebody told you to,,it seemed like a good idea ?

    Your car needs 3 things to operare,,fuel,,spark,,compression.

    To check for fuel,,turn the engine over 5-6 times and remove a spark plug,,any plug,,if car is getting fuel,then the plug will be wet and smell of gasoline,,if pug is dry and does not smell of gas,,then you may have a fuel problem.

    To check for spark,,pull a spark plug boot off,,and take the same plug you used to check for fuel and stick it into the boot,,place the plug against the engine,,and have a friend turn the engine over,,you should see a bright blue spark jump the gap,,if the spark is yellow,,or there is no spark,,then you know you have an ignition problem.

    Now that the spark plug is out of the spark plug hole,,you can screw the compression guage in and check the compression,,turn the engine over 3-5 times,,the guage should indicate between 125-200 psi.

    You should check for spark on each plug wire,,and check compression on each cylinder.

    If you can get a hold of an OBD scanner then you should check for stored diagnostic codes too.

  • cj29588 10/04/08 10:20 pm PST

    Checked for spark and it does have it. We put the scanner on and no codes are coming up. Someone said it was the crank shaft position sensor. We put one in and that didn't work either. any other suggestions?

  • hondainfiniti 01/03/11 11:03 pm PST

    My 2000 I30 has the same problem - starts beautifully when it's -20 F and has been sitting for two days, but has trouble when it's warm. I couldn't figure it out, my local guy couldn't figure it out. Took it to dealer (got a sweet 330 HP, AWD G37 for the weekend as a free loaner!) and it was *probably* the idle air control valve. Could have had that done for $300 but didn't because I was told that even if I did that, it might not solve the problem because often times when the IAC valve goes out it fries the ECM, and that would be at least $1000 more, so I didn't want to spend $300 for nothing, and couldn't justify $1000 on a car this old with 156K. Might be something to check out ....


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