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  • karjunkie 09/12/08 9:24 am PST

    Sounds like you have a bad crankshaft position sensor. You need to replace it.

    I assume you checked for spark at the spark plug level right? If so, you need to trace the no spark condition back through the ignition system. Next step is to check your coils, plug wires and distributor for spark, in that order. Next check the main relay. A bad main relay won't have spark on many cars. Listen to the low whine of the fuel pump in the rear seats or the gas filler nozzle and take notice of the unusual activity of the Check Engine Light (CEL). The CEL light should come (followed by the whine) and then turn off. If the CEL light comes on and stays on with the key switched ON then this is the result of no power to the ECU or some other fault. Next check the ignition switch. Normally you should have no less than 9V while cranking at the coil's positive terminal if your ignition switch, fuse or other connections are working properly. Hope this helps. Good luck.


  • ppc2674 09/12/08 9:52 am PST

    Thanks, but I checked the connector to the crank start position sensor and I'm not getting 5v to it, and I also cheked the resistance it's about 500 ohms. That's the reason I don't think the crank start position sensor is bad. By the way thank you, anything else you think it might be.

  • joesmith3 10/04/08 3:39 pm PST

    have you found the problem. if not, did you pull the codes

  • jwild262 09/20/16 2:08 pm PST


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