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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/18/08 1:30 pm PST

    I wonder if your fuel pump has seized. I'd say first thing is to disconnect wires to the pump and put in a new fuse and see if it still blows (be VERY careful working around a fuel tank). if it still blows then you'll have to get a wiring diagram and trace through the fuse box, pump relays, etc.

  • nhitalian 03/18/08 1:43 pm PST

    Hello again
    Thanks for the quick answer, Yes I pulled the fuel tank disconnected the pump and still blows the fuse, I am headed to get a repair manul now and then the chase begins, I confused why this started after runniing out of fuel?
    Were is the PCM located?
    Oh well, I will keep digging under the hood

  • saturnfan1 07/14/08 10:48 pm PST

    i have the same prblem. havent found an answer anywhere. did you? the pcm is located under the left side of the dash.


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