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  • MrShift@Edmunds 06/22/08 12:08 pm PST

    you need to lilft the van up and try to locate it that way. If you are due for an oil change, this is a "free" way to possibly spot the leak. There are many possibilities here, from a simple oil filter leak or upper valve cover leak, all the way to more complicated leaks such as clogged PCV valve, stuck oil pressure relief valve, timing case cover leak, oil pan leak, rear main seal leak, or more than one leak.

    Sometimes in difficult cases, it is necessary to add dye to the oil and then shine a "black light" on the engine block from below to trace the leak.

  • ifixem2 05/28/09 10:37 pm PST

    which engine? 2.4..typical leaks are the right rear corner of the head gasket and the oil sending unit which happens well before 100k...usually even under warranty
    3.0 mitsubishi..typically does not leak until around or after 100k..common sold repair is valve cover gaskets front cam seals, rear cam plugs, and front crankshaft seal with a timing belt. the rear mains are usually just seappers until well after 150k and the pcv valve is metal that when it does get stuck the rear hose just vents to the air cleaner anyway. Could be sending unit. need to look
    3.3 and 3.8---usually seep at valve covers and really leak after 100K, maybe oil sending unit. Pcv system stopping up only vents to air cleaner and causes air filter to get oily. oil pan gaskets leak and rear mains
    Just typical repairs but you need to find out to see whethter or not any of this applies to your case or not


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