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  • zaken1 07/30/11 3:05 pm PST

    "The converters have been removed about 3 years now with no problem other than the check engine light."

    The converter removal/check engine light is a bigger problem than it seems: When the check engine light comes on; the computer stops using feedback from the sensors, and goes into a "limp in" mode. In this mode; the closed loop feedback fuel mixture adjustment is replaced with a pre programmed setting; in which the fuel mixture is not as efficient nor as powerful at low RPMs as the normal setting. The reduced back pressure in the exhaust system from the converter removal makes the loss of low end power that much worse.

    You'll never be able to fix this problem; unless you reinstall the catalytic converters and clear the trouble codes. But you, your family, and the rest of the people in this country could breathe easier and live longer if you did.


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