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  • docj 08/04/11 12:59 pm PST

    This is probably due to the solder joints cracked in the Instrument Cluster.
    Common on 3rd generation Chrysler minivans.
    The Cluster would need to be removed and have the solder joints repaired or the cluster would need to be replaced.

    If you Google 'Chrysler or Plymouth Instrument Cluster solder joint'
    you'll see what i mean.

    It could cause a no start concern...best to get it repaired ASAP.

    Tap on the top of the dash above the cluster and see if it has an effect on the gauges...if it does,thats definitely your problem

    Let us know the outcome

    Doc J

  • kag1031 08/12/11 1:38 pm PST

    Well it went back on its own. It has been doing this off and on. Once I have the money to fix it I will. Thank you


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