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  • karjunkie 11/04/09 9:39 am PST

    This is a common problem on Ford Expeditions, Explorers and Windstars of this vintage. It is one of 2 things, a stripped actuator motor gear or a broken blend door. The actuator motor replacement is not too hard and the part costs about 70 bucks at the dealer.

    If you fully open the glove box, you can see the actuator motor to the left of the opening. It is white and held on with three 8mm screws. To get a full view of the plenum box and actuator motor, it is best to remove the center console control panel. The hard part is removing the radio. There are two holes on each side of the radio module. These holes accept a special tool that will disengage the clip mechanism and allow the radio to be removed. The tool is just a “U” shaped wire that is inserted into the two holes and pushed together to disengage the clip. You need two U’s. The tool is available from any parts store. You can always go down to any car radio installation place and they can pull it quickly and probably won’t charge anything if they think there is a chance of selling you something. With the radio out, there are two screws at the top of the center bezel and two at the bottom that have to be removed. On some models, the console between the seats may have to be unbolted and pulled back. The panel will pull out and can be completely removed by disconnecting the different wiring connectors to the HVAC control module and the different lights and functions. With the center console panel removed, you have fairly easy access to the actuator motor. Remove the screws holding the actuator motor module in place and pull the motor back to remove it. Watch for plastic bits that will indicate a broken axle on the belender door. With the motor removed, you can use a large screw driver to turn the axle, checking for smooth movement and a hard stop with about 90 degrees of movement between the full open and full closed positions of the door. If there is a “spongy” feel at either extent of movement, this is a good indication that the door is in the process of breaking and needs to be replaced.

  • jeepheaterfix 11/17/10 12:26 am PST

    It sounds like you may have either a broken blend door actuator motor or a broken blend door. The actuator motor can be accessed by removing the glovebox. In order to reach the blend doors you will need to either disassemble the dash or make a cut in the plenum box behind the glovebox. The best way to do this is to go with a DIY kit online. I put a heatertreater in my windstar and it has solved the problem flawlessly and saved a bundle. If you determine you have a broken actuator motor there are a number of sources online, if you have a broken blend door I recommend the DIY route.

  • truckbro 07/12/12 6:03 pm PST

    Your problem is likely a broken blend door. There is a do it yourself kit called the HeaterTreater which will solve that quickly and without the expensive and time consuming removal of the dash. It's at heatertreater.net

    Source: www.heatertreater.net


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