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  • karjunkie 05/28/09 8:09 am PST

    Well, lets step back. Are you still overheating? Are you burning coolant, as in low coolant level again and white smoke out the tailpipe? Do you see oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil? If you have none of these symptoms, it's unlikely you have a blown head gasket. If you need to be sure and cannot clearly determine it yourself, I would go to Car Talk’s Mechanics Files site at:


    Enter your zip code and you will get a list of mechanics in your area that other consumers have used and highly recommend. Look for ones that specialize either in the make of your car or the type of repair you need. Call 2-3 of them and explain the possible problem. See what they recommend and what a diagnosis would cost. I have personally used this site with great success to find good honest mechanics and can highly recommend it. Good luck!

  • klampshire 12/05/11 12:59 am PST

    Same here. Someone ran into my beautiful 91 Deville and totaled it, so I bought this 99 with 60K miles. Took it for short trips and suddenly started to overheat. Took it to Salem Boys and spent $800 on new water pump and thermostat. It still overheated and they tried to sell me a new radiator. News on the web talked about bad head bolts and blown head gaskets, so I did a block test myself and found hydrocarbons in the coolant, blown head gaskets.

    There is a possibility that GM will fix it under a recall #99086 that covers vin #XU791685 - XU802142. If GM won't fix it, I will donate it to charity and take my lumps. The Cadi blogs are full of stories of failed attempts to fix the head bolts (that caused the problem in the first place.)

    Either way, I'll never buy another Cadi. This is the 3rd one that had had problems.


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