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  • karjunkie 11/10/09 9:27 am PST

    First make sure your ATF fluid is at the right level and color. It should be clear cherry red in color and at the right level with the engine warm, running and the car in park on level ground. If the fluid is OK and you have not done a fluid and filter change in the last 2 years that should be your next step. Make sure you use the right type of ATF fluid for your transmission and I would suggest you use a synthetic ATF fluid as this will make the shifting easier on the internal components. Dodge trannys will self destruct unless you use ATF+4 transmission fluid. DO NOT do a power flush on an older tranny like this one. Just do a simple drain and fill with a new filter. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  • snowball2 11/10/09 8:26 pm PST

    this transmission needs to be checked in neutral, does not have cooler flow in park,check it for codes,there are a few things this trans needs to work good,and if is still shifting your ahead of the game,throttle position sensor goes hay wire causes your concern,governor pressure sensor and gov pressure solenoid are very common problems for this unit,get it scanned for codes and repost


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