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  • karjunkie 10/22/08 1:19 pm PST

    If your anti-theft light flashes, your alarm is armed and the powertrain control unit (PCU) will not allow the fuel to flow. You need to fix the alarm system and that may require a reflash of the PCU.

  • materialman 10/22/08 3:55 pm PST

    Had an 05 about the same way. I will tell you what I did. I traded that sucker. I have been much happier ever since.....

  • canddmeyer 10/22/08 9:14 pm PST

    If it's not the alarm system, consider replacing the camshaft position sensor.

  • dford3 11/01/08 10:51 pm PST

    If it starts, but won't run without keeping your foot on the gas, then it's the Idle Air Control valve. It located on the top of your engine under the valve cover. Remove the cover, unbolt it (2 bolts), unplug it, and clean it inside with carb cleaner. Reinstall it.

  • jdsla 09/04/09 8:51 pm PST

    This just happened with my 1999 Ford Explorer which would not start intermittently. My mechanic did a bunch of stuff (throttle service, battery, thought it might be fuel pump) before he finally realized it was the anti-theft chip in my key that was old and no longer working. He had me bring in my spare key and suddenly the car worked fine. Because the old chip was not working, the car was not recognizing the key and the ant-theft system was kicking in and was disabling the engine (fuel pump). That is why the theft light is blinking when you try to start the car. Try your spare key and you may find everything is solved... and for no $$$!


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