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  • alaskanj 03/12/10 8:44 pm PST

    Dont throw anymore parts at it, if your cam or crank sensor were bad youd have no spark.and a check engine light or codes. It sounds like you need to check if your injectors are getting power, to do this you can use what is called a noid light, this will tell you if there is power getting to the injectors, if there is power then you will need to test the injectors and measure there output with a Pressure gauge. and an injector tester to cycle the injectors on.

    If they are not turning on as you crank, your ECM is what supplies a ground for the injectors to cycle on.

  • 0patience 03/12/10 10:31 pm PST

    Telling us you have "lots of fuel pressure" doesn't exactly tell us much.
    What specifically is the fuel pressure. Don't assume that because there is fuel present at the rail, that you have enough or the proper fuel pressure.

    Are you saying you checked to see if you got a P1260 code or you checked the codes and that was what you got?

    Put a fuel pressure gauge on it, turn the key to on, then write down the exact fuel pressure.
    Then start the vehicle and keep track of exactly what the fuel pressure does while cranking, then when it starts, then when it dies. Let us know what you get.

    You will need to check the injectors for pulse with a noid light. See your local part store, they run about $20 or they may rent them out.
    Let us know if the light flashes, stays on or goes out, while cranking, running and when it is dying.

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