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  • MrShift@Edmunds 07/29/09 12:37 pm PST

    This isn't making sense to me. If in fact a gasket is blown, well then, that gasket seals the two parts that come together. That's why a gasket is there---to accomodate the design of the exhaust system into its various parts. It allows individual parts of the system to be replaced.

    So if it is just the gasket that needs replacing, and if the gasket (being a gasket after all) is not welded to, or part of, any other component---then why does any other component need replacing.

    Now, if they are saying some other component is DAMAGED (rusted out, broken flange that goes over the gasket and seals it, etc.) well then, that's a different story.

    Unless they can SHOW YOU a damaged part other than the little gasket, I wouldn't buy this story. These chain operations (as a gross generalization) are not immune to over-selling product.

    Get a second opinion. Go to say a muffler speciality shop that works on hot rods or race cars, or go to an independent garage that specializes in fixing imports.

    I can't tell you about how much it should cost because I don't know what part they are attempting to replace. If they want to replace LEFT and RIGHT catalytic converters, yeah, that's about $1400 list price for the parts. (but you can shop around and do much better than that I think).

  • sharney 07/29/09 12:44 pm PST

    They just said it was a bad gasket. They said that the entire assembly needs to be replaced - here is a picture of the diagram they showed me. The gasket were the merger takes places is the 1 they are stating is bad.

  • colin_l 07/29/09 1:03 pm PST

    The RX300 has a good bit of clearance under it. Because of that, a good muffler shop-- that is, one that employs skilled welders and pipe benders-- can use generic catalysts they have in inventory, which are surely much cheaper than the OE Lexus part.

    If you have rust or damage to the exhaust manifold(s), that will require a Lexus part. But everything after that-- I'm serious, everything-- can be replaced by an independent muffler shop very inexpensively. My car (not a Lexus) as an example... dealership wanted $840 to replace the catalyst. Local shop sold me a generic high-flow cat for $240 and installed it for $80, and they were done in an hour.

    Look in the phone book and place some calls. I have great luck with independent local shops.

  • wwest 03/18/12 8:21 pm PST

    The most likely cause of your problem is a failure honeycomb like structure inside the converter. The structure crumbes, breaks into chunks, and then those chunks begin to partially block the exhaust flow.

    Midas would undoubtedly be well aware of this most common failure type and will likely "discover" same after they have sold you, and removed the pipes.


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