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  • ksckenny 06/23/10 12:02 pm PST

    I am experiencing something very similar in my 04 ESV model. AC is blowing either outside air, or one time with outide temperature near 84, the front started blowing hot air, like the heater was one, and the back seat unit is blowing cool A/C.

    I had to shut the SUV off and restart to get back to outside air....now at about 78 or below, it seems like I am getting colder AC from front and back. I have bought this used, and it was purchased last fall, during the cooler Florida weather....lol.

  • kaboobs 06/23/10 4:40 pm PST

    I took the advice of one responder and had the refrigerant checked. It was a little lowm not much. I had the ac brought up to the level that is recommended. It didn't solve the situation, but it helped. Now, if the AC starts blowing hot on the drivers side, it only lasts for about 30 seconds, then reverts to blosing cold air. (shrugg) The other solution of turning the engine off and restarting also works...

  • ksckenny 06/23/10 6:18 pm PST

    I read that if you replace the actuator, the last step was to turn the AC unit to the coldest setting, pull the fuse (A) under the steering column, and then turn the key to "Run", and let it run for 1 minute. I just did it, and it seemed to work for a few moments that I tested.

    Turning the car off works, but it appears to work fine if outside air temperature is below 83 degrees. I just drove the car over 600 miles at one time, and it showed temperature from outside influences the cold to go to outside air temp blowing in the drivers and middle vent. The back and passenger side works, but it is still not as cold...maybe cannot get the refrigerant to flow in, because the system is designed to turn the compressor off to avoid failure.

  • opn4bzns 11/08/15 3:24 pm PST

    You must relearn your actuator to blow hot or cold correctly. Turn on your A/C to the highest blower setting and let it run 5 minutes, then dial up the heat leaving the blower in highest position for five minutes. this should resent your actuator to correctly blow hot or cold. ..that's one way to fix it. I unplugged the old actuator planning to install my new one and decided to wait till the next day. I plugged the old actuator back in and drove to the store and it blew cold air all the way and has not blown hot for over two months now. I even got a refund for the new one I had bought. Remember, if you blowing cold or hot air the actuator is working..but it's out of sync..try these things before wasting your money on a new unneeded part.


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