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  • ray80 03/23/09 7:01 am PST

    This is something wrong with the Trac control/ABS system. You have to have vehicle moving before it can detect what it thinks is the problem. A scan by dealer (or other place with proper scanner tool) will likely point to a (or maybe more then one) wheel bearing/hub assembly(s). Many time though the real problem is with the connection to the speed sensor on ones of these, loose/corroded. For the emissions thing, did you have a SES light on withing the last month or so, like for loose fuel cap? Or have you had work done that could have involved disconnecting battery?

  • forever7 03/23/09 10:55 am PST

    No work done except brake pads and front lower control arm. No CE/SES message. where can I get the scan and how much normally

  • karjunkie 03/23/09 11:44 am PST

    Any large auto parts store like NAPA, Auto Zone or Advanced Auto Parts will do it for you for free.Once you have the codes, come back and we'll try and help you.


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